taking part


When you have got to know the piece, it will be time to film it. Hopefully, you will have everything you needed to hand, as suggested in the ‘step by step for singers‘ section. Here are a few pointers as to how to set it up and what to do.

recording set-up

We have found that the easiest way to record yourself is to play the video on one device (eg, a laptop or a tablet) and record yourself singing on another (eg, a camera or the camera on your phone).

For example, when we recorded our videos, we used a laptop and headphones to follow the music and set up a camera on a tripod to record the video.

where to record

If you can, find a quiet, well-lit space.

It might be worth closing any windows and making sure that your phone is set to silent before beginning. If possible, record yourself in a space that is not too resonant, and perhaps has some soft furnishings (your video editor will be able to add acoustics, so your sitting room would be better than your bathroom, for example).

If possible, stand facing a light source (such as standing near a wall and facing out towards a window or lamp). This will help to make sure that you are clear and looking your best. If this is not easy to achieve, try instead to avoid having bright lights behind you, or between you and your camera.

things to remember

Remember to listen to the video through headphones so that the only thing that can be heard is your singing.

Remember to set up your camera in landscape orientation, and try to position it so that the top half of your body and your head are in frame.

Remember, if possible, to find a way to keep your camera steady (eg, a tripod, a bookshelf, or a person) so that the video is not shaky.

Remember, if you can, to set your camera up reasonably close to you – it’s more important to hear and see you than the space you are recording in!

Remember that you do not need a printed copy of the piece or to have a full score on-screen when you are recording, the sheet music is in the video, and so is the conductor!

recording yourself

By the time you record, you will be familiar with the routine at the beginning of the video, so you will know what to expect and what you need to do in terms of following the instructions.

Do remember to clap in time with the clap-tests as it will help the video editor to line all of the videos up with each other; and, don’t forget to sing!

It is possible that you will make a few mistakes and need to have a few goes at making the recording – we certainly did! Allow yourself a bit of time for that and be patient with yourself.

really want to do this; really don’t want to film yourself

We are very keen that you produce something that looks as much as it can like a choir, and so we are hoping you will send videos of yourselves singing. However, if the idea of filming yourself is making the difference between taking part and not taking part in the project, then record an audio file instead, following the same process but recording audio rather than video.